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Ecommerse Web Store
Price: $8000.00

The price affords me to build your Ecommerce Web Store to fit your company and brand with top quality. There are different platforms to use like WordPress, Magento, Joomla ect; I build websites to fit Google's requirements as well so that your website will be SEO friendly. Your website will be user friendly, fast loading and built to your needs. I am here because I love what I am doing here to help others succeed on the internet

This Package Includes The Following:
Ecommerce Web Store
10 web banners for advertising online
SEO friendly setup
Social Media setup
Google Analytics setup
1st year SSL certificate

I suggest your ecommerce be on a dedicated server where it isn't shared with other people. This not only helps make your security that much better but, fast loading speeds dedicated to just your Ecommerce Web Store. Below you have my number to reach me and Skype as well. Look forward to working with you.

I will need the information you want on your website and any images you want to use. There will be information we will need to pass along to each other. Please call me at 207-891-9197 or we can video chat on Skype: wickedwebgraphics

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