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Ventrino Professional T.E. Script License
Price: $80.00

Here are just a few of the features. Ongoing development means there are often new features available right now or coming soon. If you have any questions please contact us.

One of most popular Traffic Exchanges in the industry
Choose manual or automatic surfing or a mixture of both
Multiple surfbar configurations with selectable features and easy customisation
Industry leader anti-cheat protection
Built-in support ticket system
Automated Paypal payments
Automated Paypal subscriptions
Automated purchase of traffic and pro memberships
Advanced newsletter
Pro memberships
Pro only exchange feature
Pro signups
Bonus Codes for easy Bonuses
Auto responder inclusion
Daily login pages
Link Box
Easy email link creation
Manageable activity based bonuses
Advanced social profiles
Referral benefits
Paid to surf feature
GEO signup tracking
Website and link categorisation
Downline benefits to unlimited levels
Automated approval system to simplify maintenance
Automated frame-breaker checking to improve surf performance
Hit and cash trading options
Member surfing competitions
Member recruitment competitions
Multiple entry input forms
Link aging feature - limit the time a link is shown
Full banner exchange
Banner Blowout - increase member advertising exposure
Surf prizes
Paid email sponsorship
Daily member sponsorship
Selection of 6 games to encourage surfing
Customise text adverts with a simple design editor.
Display ads on external sites for extra credits.
Link Tracker - enable your members to track the performance of their marketing campaigns
Solo emails
Max daily clicks
First page auction
URL Delay (specify time between displays)
Adclicker feature (alternative to surfbar)
Calendar Days (purchase first page in advance)
Affiliate program builder
Controlled rotation - allow members to set their own display frequency
Hit allocation to improve exchange performance
Surfbar Shoutbox for inter member communication

Administration features

Simple template design makes it easy to integrate into commercial templates.

Full language support enables you to modify the script for any language
Unlimited FREE patches, updates and enhancements
Multiple Referral tracking options
Paypal helper to simplify your payment process
Built-in Support Ticket Management System
Newsletter sending function with Filter
Spam protection
Template manager with built-in editor
Block editor (for news and other customer facing text)
FAQ editor for quick FAQ management
Email editor to modify all system messages
Use your own SMTP settings or PHPMail to send email
Virtual page builder
Multiple administration accounts
Easy upgrade tool for manual payments taken by any payment processor
Automated database pruning
Partner Program - team up with other owners in mutual JV's
TrafficBooster - for wholesale traffic share


Windows or Linux hosting
PHP 5+ (5.3+ is recommended for performance improvements)
24/7 Support

Simple one-click installation

Are there any more features? There sure are! The list is endless.

Script Information
Current Version: 3.86
Ioncube Encoded

Why a Ventrino Traffic Exchange Script?

The popularity of the Ventrino Exchange continues to outgrow its competitors at an unbeatable pace. New features and unrivalled quality make it the number one exchange script for generating an Internet income. With it's ease of use for member and owner alike it's easy to understand why a Ventrino script generates more revenue than any other.

How many businesses can you start for so little and be up and running and getting a return on your investment within hours?

This is not a get rich scheme, with the right script, the right features and the right support there is no reason why you cannot be in profit within a very short period. Don't get caught with the online testimonials trick used by poor quality script developers.

How many times do you go to a website where they parade a long list of people who they proclaim as "testimonials" for the product?

Don't get caught by an easy trick used by other unscrupulous vendors. If they do not link to a place where you can actually contact the person who provided the testimonial then it is probably fake.. Whether you have a few hundred or a few hundred thousand members the Ventrino script is ideal and robust.

Please Note:After purchase this license please go to our Contact Us page and send us your cpanel user and password. I will need to enter the cpanel to install your new professional T.E. script. I will also need your domain name to register the license to. You can also leave the cpanel user and password in your paypal notes as well.


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